If you were a Camper and Mentor before and you want to teach, sign up here! I wanted to make sure that those of you who have been Mentors before still had a job at Camp so this is it. We want Youth TEACHING  Youth. I'm excited about this new position and I hope that you are too. If you're nervous, that's OKAY. We all were when we started. Now don't wait any longer. Get that application done TODAY!

Are you able to stay for the entire camp, including Saturday? If not, explain.
Why do you want to be a Youth Instructor?
What years did you attend camp?
T-shirt size
What did you like best about the camp?
What hands on exercise would you like to teach?
Have you ever instructed a large group before ?
Do you have any special dietary needs such as allergies, vegan, etc...?
Youth Instructor